220 Yesterday. 221 Today.

A relatively bad couple of days. Yesterday was an official “day off”. I needed to rest my body a bit from the workouts and dancing I’ve been up to lately. And last night we met up Philly for a little wine party. I definitely over indulged in the cheese and crackers and free wine that was there. A 3000Cal night easy.

Today I did go to the gym for a nice 1-1.5 hour workout, but had a textbook binge moment tonight. I’ve been watching poker and snacking for the past couple hours. A banana muffin and extra small bowl of the casserole we had for dinner adds an additional 600Cal or so for the day.

Overall not too much damage done, but I’m not trying to “maintain” here. We need to be losing. I want to break through 220 hard next week… no this weekend. Yeah!