221 Yesterday. 220 Today.

Still feeling good. I’ve been going over my 2000Cal # pretty routinely the past few days. But on the other hand, I’ve also been working out more than I planned. At the beginning of this, I thought my diet would be the most important part of my weight loss. But I’m having a lot of fun working out and so finding ways to fit it into my schedule.

Yesterday I had about 2300Cal for the day, mostly because I had lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s. Two “mini burgers”, which runs about 650Cal, fries at 350Cal, and a 300Cal salad had me at 1300Cal just for lunch. What really put me over my goal though was a relatively harmless muffin and glass of milk I had for breakfast. That 400Cal or so made all the difference.

Know What You’re Going to Have for Lunch and Dinner Before You Have Breakfast
See one of the things you HAVE to do if you are going to try this “I can eat whatever I want, just less” diet is plan your meals out for the entire day. I had a mid-day meeting yesterday, which I thought was going to be at Starbucks. I don’t drink coffee, so I wasn’t planning on having anything to eat or drink during the meeting. Since I was going to be away for a while, I decided to have a muffin and glass of milk to hold me over until I could get a bigger lunch at home.

However, on the way to the meeting I found out that were actually going to be having lunch over the meeting. And at Ruby Tuesday’s no less. Now, I could have eaten something healthier for lunch, but it goes against my philosophy here. I would have much rather passed on the breakfast, which would have been no problem at all knowing I was getting mini burgers in 30 minutes.

Yesterday’s Workout
Kim and I danced yesterday night inside “Founder Hall” at Haverford. I think we’ll be going over there for our dancing practice more often. It’s a lot nicer than trying to squeeze in our dancing in the living room here.

Afterwards, I hit the gym (fairly late – like 10pm). I was shooting some hoops. There were a couple other guys there and we played what they’re calling “21” these days. It was nice. I work pretty hard when I’m shooting by myself, but this game of 21  was much more intense than my usually bball workout.

Also, I stink at basketball. This one guy killed us. I was able to get more points than the one guy though bases solely on my height advantage and rebounds.

I found out though that I missed one of the best episodes of Heroes ever. So I’ll need to find a way to get that sh!* online.

Today’s Workout
Kim and I had another private dance lesson today. Decent workout. I broke a bit of a sweat, probably because their heat was so high though.

I thought that this lesson wasn’t as successful as the first. I guess you just can’t beat the ROI for that first lesson. We did learn a few moves, get some pointers on some old ones, and get a nice long list of stuff to do for “homework”.

We’re going to go back to Founders Hall for some more dancing tonight. We will probably work on our Fox Trot, Rumba, and Meringue. If I’m feeling it, I’ll go to the gym afterwards again, but I’m pretty beat and have a long night of work ahead of me.

Peace out fans.