220 Pounds.

No gym today. We headed home to Reading for Kim’s bridal shower, which was kind of a surprise. I thought I would drop her off, say hi, and be on my way. But I stayed for the whole thing and had a decent time. It’s good to see folks ladies I haven’t seen in a while.
Today was another day of cheating. I’m too scared to even count the calories I ate today. I think I’m done celebrating my weight loss by eating it back (although the scale has been pretty good to me anyway). I’m going to start tomorrow off right with a nice long visit to the gym.

Besides my goal of weighing 210lbs by the wedding, I’m also giving myself the goal of bench pressing 210lbs. Last time I maxed out at 185lbs. I’m going to do a bit of research to see if that is a realistic goal for a couple months of working out.

I’m also interested to read about how much weight you can actually gain by building larger muscles. You always hear people talking about “losing inches, but no weight… cause muscles weigh more than fat”. My guess is that I’m not really at risk of having my muscle gain interfere with my weight loss goals.

Enjoy the weekend, kids. It’s kind of nice here on the east coast.