What I’m Doing Now


I am still lead developer at Paid Memberships Pro. We have a team of 12 now. Most of my focus is in building systems and standard operating procedures for how we’ve been getting work done there, while leveling up the skills of my team.

I’ve started taking Fridays off from Paid Memberships Pro to have dedicated time to work on the various other projects I’m involved in (school board, other boards, hopefully writing more on my blog).


My son is 11. My daughter is 9. I’ve realized recently that those big conversations I expected to happen naturally aren’t really going to happen on their own. And while I thought I had until they turn 18 to teach them everything I know, I really only have until they turn 13 or otherwise figure out how lame their parents are.

We’ve started Family Board Meetings (1-on-1 dates with each kid separately doing something they want to do) to make sure I really learn who my kids are and they get a chance to learn from me the things I want to teach them.

Thanks to Derek Sivers for popularizing the idea of a now page.