221 Pounds! Date Night.

New 12-month low on the Jason’s Weight ETF, and I feel great. It’s just a couple pounds, but I’ve been hovering around 224 lbs for too long. I need to keep the pressure on to take advantage of this momentum.

Spent about 30 minutes at the gym today. I did like 5min on the eliptical, then 7min on a rowing machine (those are fun-like cardio for your arms), and spent the rest of the time lifting weights. It was a quick visit cause Kim and I are pretty busy. We have a ton of new clients in the pipeline for Stranger Studios. Luckily I think we’ll have some help with it, but it will fun trying to juggle these projects with the work on WineLog, which is also taking off.

The real challenge of course will be figuring out how to spend the extra money we’re making on our wedding. Wedding are like black holes of money. Supposedly, like real black holes, they radiate some strange energy. I’m hoping that energy will make for a great time. In any case, we’re lucky to have some financial support from our parents. (Special shout out to Sheri and Manfred Wallmeier. Thanks!)

Date Night
Kim and I are going to a group dance session tonight. We’re excited to try some of our moves in a more public setting. We might have to dance with other people in the group, and it’s a good thing my weigh-in this morning is boosting my confidence. I’ll be less likely to get jealous if Kim dances with some other guy 😉

After dancing, we’re going to try dinner at a restaurant near the dance studio. It’s a BYOB, so I’ll see what we can bring. My goal is to not overeat, which I often do at restaurants. (evidenced by the Olive Garden incident) I have about 900Cal left for today, which should get me a decent meal or appetizer, but not both. So far today I’ve had a big bowl of chilli (550Cal) with some cheese(50Cal), sliced avocado(200Cal), and some bread and butter(300Cal).

Also, I’m upset that no one has commented on my Blog Tycoon post yet. Read it, tell me how cool the idea is, and then find a programmer to make it. I want to play that game.

Have a good weekend guys and gals.