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Bought WinZip Today

I bought a license for WinZip today. In some kind of reverse morals, it felt a little dirty. Just a little dirty. Overall, I feel like a tip top citizen.

I’ve been using the software for years without a license (minus my use through serveral employers who did have licenses). Their software has gotten stricter lately about not letting you use it after the trial period, so I consented myself to using just the built in Windows XP zip functionality for the past few months. But that just doesn’t cut it for some things. Like pesky zip files that only WinZip can handle. So I’ve given in and bought a license for $29.95.

Another View

Here’s another view of that great feat I accomplished earlier today. I’m too proud.

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Inbox Cleared

Back from a long hiatus, and I’ve just cleared out my inbox. Yeah, me. Expect more from me over the coming weeks. A bit hard to see that 220 in the previous posts title as I’m weighing in at a whopping 226 again after a very gluttonous honeymoon.

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