222. Calacanis Cast 15 Live.

Let’s try this embed thing. If not, you can see it on Calacanis’ blog.

My bit starts about 20 minutes in. I think I’m kind of boring on the line, but the show is a good one nonetheless. My favorite part is when Jason implies that I am pretending to be fat just to get “an in” with him (since he has some influence on how Sequoia Capital spends their VC money). Great idea.

Though I am actually overweight and fatblogging to get in shape, I do appreciate the fact that I have some way of getting Jason to read my emails from now on. “Knowing” Jason can’t be a bad thing. Can it?

Yesterday (eh)
Yesterday was a good day… until dinner. As much as I wanted to get to the gym, I didn’t have the time. Too much work and a launch party for a friend/client of ours who just published a book (I need to talk about this more later) kept me busy.

Although I couldn’t work out, we had a dancing class at night. Kim and I did two group sessions, which at 45 minutes each were a workout of their own. Kim’s mother also came as our guest and I think had some fun dancing with strangers.

After dancing we went out to a late dinner at Tango in Bryn Mawr. By this time I had already eaten my 2000Cal limit for the day (a big lunch and some picking at that launch party). I know that there are many ways I could have avoided eating while out or at least eaten some healthier food, but restraining myself at restaurants is not really part of my plan.

The PLAN is to avoid being at the restaurant at all when I’ve already eaten a lot of calories. Or maybe starving myself all day if I know I’m going to be eating out later. But yesterday was one of those seat of the pants days that just shows us how important it is to KNOW IN THE MORNING WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO EAT ALL DAY.

For those who care I ordered the “quesadilla of the day” (BBQ beef with carmalized onions, guacamole, and salsa) and ate 3/4 of it. I also had two big glasses of the red wine we drunk and a couple of these things called “latin meatballs” as an appetizer. I’d say I went over my 2000Cal target by almost 1500Cal, effectively putting me 3 days behind. Nothing I can’t catch up from.

Today (awesome)
My goal today was to eat fewer than 2000 calories. I’ve been shooting for 2000 calories a day on this diet and have been either hitting it or going over by a little (sometimes a lot). Until today I never ate less than 2000 calories. If was at risk of going under, I would always know how many cals I had left and use ’em up. These calories are like vacation days that don’t carry over.

Today for lunch I had some cooked ham (250Cal), asparagus (100Cal), and Kraft macaroni and cheese (500Cal). I also had a small amount of tortilla chips and salsa as a snack (150Cal). For dinner I had a turkey sandwich (bread = 240Cal, cheese = 100Cal, little-bit-of-mayo = 60Cal, turkey = 200Cal) with a bag of Route 11 “Garlic Herb” chips (280Cal). I also had two pirouline cookies (40Cal), a Hershey Kiss (25Cal), and a couple pieces of gum (5Cal). For a grand total of 1950Cal today.

I had to count that up twice to make sure. Go me!

Kim and I also walked/ran around the track at Haverford (the gym is closed this weekend) earlier in the day. I feel pretty great and am looking forward to another great day tomorrow (and something yummy for breakfast ;).