I’m back. And back at 223.

Kim and I went on a little mini vacation Mon-Wed. It was a great time. But I loosened up on my diet a bit, which in addition to some binging before I went away must have contributed to me putting a couple pounds back on.

I won’t sweat it too much because, like the economy, my weight loss needed a healthy pull back. Well, that sounds good anyway.

Though my diet went to hell, I only lost one day of working out. I worked out Monday morning before we left and Wednesday night when we got back. We haven’t been dancing as much lately though, which was like an extra mini work out every night. But we’re back on that schedule too.

I called into a podcast recording with Jason Calacanis and a bunch of other fat-bloggers today. I’ll let y’all know when he posts the podcast. It was a good time. I at least met (virtually) a bunch of other passionate fat-bloggers stay in touch with.

I’ll be reading through everyone’s posts and link to them over the next few days. I also had a ton to say, but didn’t get to any of it. There were a lot of people to fit into the recording, and Jason does a really good job of quickly filling in any silences 😉 So I’ll also try to address some of the things that I took notes about during the call. In any case, I want to thank Jason for the opportunity to speak on the show. Unlike we joke on the podcast, this not just some excuse to get to know a VC. I’m doing something for my health and taking advantage of all of the support we’re drumming up in the community.

Also, one of my fellow guests on the show was none other than Tim Elliott from WineCast.net. I “know” Tim through my work at WineLog, and have been in touch with him lately. But I had no idea he was on this fat blogging wagon as well. He fat blogs at his personal blog here, which I didn’t even know existed. So unreal. Go Tim!

My Work Out Today
Kim and I had a dance lesson, 40 minutes long. We also made it to the gym for about 30 minutes. Since the session was shorter, I ran on the treadmill instead of playing basketball and did an abbreviated lifting routine. I’ve been incorporating more leg stuff into my weight training, which is good. Our biggest muscles are in our legs, and so they are good to target for fat burning. Bigger leg muscles = more calories burned = slimmer Jason.

Daily Calorie Count
I think I did good today, but let me add it up. I had a sandwich for lunch with some chips from Route 11 that we picked up earlier in the week. They are the best chips ever. I’m a bit of a potato chip connoisseur, and I think they’re the tops… followed by some Good’s “Blue Bag” (I might need to proposition those guys to build a real website for them).

Sandwich bread = 250Cal, mayo = 100Cal, 150Cal for cheese, 200Cal for meat (turkey ham!), negligible amounts of lettuce, and 300Cal for the chips. I also had one Hershey’s Kiss (left over from the Twisted in Philly event) for 25Cal. That’s 1025Cal for lunch.

I had a small handfull of cashews between my workout and dinner, which is maybe 125Cal.
Kim made chilli for dinner, which was great (again). I had two medium-sized bowls with some bread and butter. I’d say 350Cal a piece for the chilli bowels and 350Cal for the bread and butter. That’s 1050Cal for dinner. 2200 on the day. Not bad. Could have been better. A sub 2000Cal day would be nice.

Am I Addicted to Losing Weight?
Busy day today. Lots of work tomorrow too. But I think I’m going to be able to maintain this workout and fatblogging schedule. Before I would be slacking off more as my other responsibilities piled up, but I think I’m becoming addicted to losing weight.

Seriously, I’ll look at myself in the mirror and notice some little things (and the changes are still pretty minor): my chin looks more defined, my biceps look more defined, my leg muscles are poking through the fat a bit. Seeing myself in the mirror, looking better, makes me want to keep it up… to lose more weight and become more in shape. I can see how some people become obsessed with this. I’m about 10 pounds away from being at my all-time low weight as an adult, and that excites me.

Hopefully I won’t go anorexic on you guys and then have to start blogging about that, but I think I’m detecting a little bit of a value-change. I used to wonder about how I could be so responsible in other areas of my life, but not be able to control my weight.

Calacanis brought this up on the podcast tonight: how come there are all these super successful people changing the world but unable to control their weight? I’m not in the same league as the guys he was referring to in terms of wealth or power, but I think for instance how easy it is for me to save money and act financially responsible compared to my brother. It’s practically second-nature for me to make good money decisions, a lot of which revolve around delaying gratification (buy a used car now to retire $100k richer later). But when it comes to food, it’s been much harder for me to delay gratification (pass up on that cheese steak now to be healthier later). Anyway, I think that’s changing a bit. We’ll see how things go.