WineLog WordPress Plugin

Finally launching an official WordPress plugin for WordPress. We’re launching with two main features:

1. The ability to add “wine badges” to your posts and pages via a shortcode. Similar to this post. Here’s how you would do it: {winebadge id=”54195″} (use square brackets instead of braces)
2. The ability to embed “wine lists” to your posts and pages via a shortcode. So if you tag all of the wines at your event “myevent”, you can quickly post those wines into a blog post by using the short code {winelist query=”myevent” num=”10″} (use square brackets instead of braces).

Here are the wines from my fake event:

Users with a WineLog blog will have access to these features now. I am currently uploading the plugin to the WP plugins directory and will udpate this post with a link when that is available. Update: The plugin is in the WordPress plugin directory now.

Here are some other things I have planned. Let me know what you think about these and/or other features that would be useful for your wine blogging.

3. Popover form to embed wine badges and wine lists from the edit post/page without using a shortcode.
4. Option to create digest emails from your wine log feed once a day/week/month.