Notes About a WineLog WebComic That Will Not Be

I’m going through old old notes under my desk today (that’s for the prodding, Kim), and thought I’d post this bit that I scribbled into a notebook on a plane ride a couple years ago.

So here is a script for a WineLog web comic. I drew a little outline of the panels; it’s basically Kim and I sitting in front of my monitor. Use your imagination.

Panel 1
Me: I’m going to start a comic on the WineLog Blog…

Panel 2
Me: … so I can talk about all the funny wine-related things that happen to us.

Panel 3
Kim: OK, but it’s going to be boring.
Me: What do you mean?

Panel 4
Kim: Well, you’re not going to write about how I got drunk on my 21st birthday. And all your other wine experiences happen in front of a computer screen.
Me: That is true.