Embed Wine Badges On Your Site

We’ve just launched a feature to allow you to embed our wine data on your site. Similar to what you see int his post.

Just look for this image in the right side bar of any wine info page:embed_screenshot

We offer 3 embed types.

  1. HTML is the most flexible and should work with any site or platform, but the data is static.
  2. Javascript will get the most recent data from our servers.
  3. PHP will also get the most recent data from our servers, but may work better than the javascript version on some setups.

I will also be releasing a WordPress plugin this weekend that will make it even easier for those blogs to include our info.

If you have any questions about how to use these, let us know. If you start using our wine badges on your site, also let me know and we’ll showcase your site here.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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