4 Most Underused Projects We’ve Launched

4. MoneyShui.
The Idea: Find reviews for finance and investing books
The Problem: Not enough content yet.
The Solution: We need to get things going. I still haven’t copied all of the InvestorGeeks reviews over. Getting a fresh blogger there would help too. So would marketing it as an SEO scam… you need a review here. You need to link here. You need a link from here.

3. DietShui.
The Idea: Find reviews for diet books. a.k.a. MoneyShui for diet and health books.
The Problem: Same as MoneyShui. It needs content to be of use to people.
The Solution: Same as above.

2. NoteTrain.
The Idea: Take some prose writing and convert it into a “train” of sentences presented one line at a time.
The Probelm: Two fold here: (1) We haven’t been spreading the word on this one and (2) It’s kind of pointless.
The Solution: Let people know how fun this is and how useful it can be. I use it to send Kim love notes. It’s different.

1. SearchRascal.
The Idea: Keep track of search result rankings for keywords your tracking.
The Problem: Just launched and no one knows about it. We need some people using it to justify the server costs.
The Solution: Push on our SEO buddies to spread the word a bit. I’ve submitted the site to some blogs and stuff but no one is picking up on this. Perhaps the idea isn’t as awesome as I thought it was. Nah, I doubt that. We need a little bit of publicity to get this going. The site really is useful to SEO professionals and anyone who wants to track search rankings for a website or group of queries.