I AM The Real Jason Coleman

The other day I got this strange phone call from the guy who runs www.jasonrcoleman.com. He was getting very "hype" and saying that HE was the real Jason Coleman.

We went back and forth as to who was who. And to be honest, his arguments were much better than mine. I think the last had something to do with the fact that the real Jason Coleman must have been born in December (I was born in June) because that’s when the OTHER JC (Jesus Christ) was born. Something like that.

In any case, this guys knowledge of Jasons in the bible and Greek mythology was well ahead of mine. I tried to pull the "JASON is on the calendar" trick (you’ll figure it out), but he was aware of that one. Although he said he just realized a couple years ago, whereas I BEEN knowing that crap since I could first read.

We both agreed that neither of the posers at www.jasoncoleman.com or www.jasoncoleman.net were even in the running to be THE REAL Jason Coleman. And Jason Coleman from Big Huge Games is cool, but also out of the race. I’ll let the domains speak for themselves.

In other news, I just watched the very funny interview with The Fake Steve Jobs at WallStrip.com. It’s good stuff and made me realize that I better pick-up www.fakejasoncoleman.com, and I did. You never no when you’ll become famous and have blog stalkers. Also, think it and be it. Everything zen, everything zen.

Oh, and yeah, I’m not linking to those other sites because this is all a scheme to get the #1 Google result for "Jason Coleman". They’ll get no link juice from me. I’m still confused about this whole Google thing. I mean, I’m practically an Internet mogul here and I can’t even claim a search for my name. I AM consoled a little bit that I’ve managed to claim sexy wine guy.