Guys Need Facials Too. Spa Blogging?

Before our wedding in May, Kim got me a gift certificate to get a facial at a local spa. It was awesome. So relaxing. Imagine someone massaging your face and head for an hour while you try not to snore.

I vowed to always get a facial before any vacation. It just puts you in the mood. I was so excited about my discovery that I couldn’t stop talking about it at my bachelor party, and my friends couldn’t stop joking about the implied innuendo.

Anyway, I was thinking of facials because we just launched a new site for Dr. Harriet Comite at Shortly after, Kim bought me a facial at their Advanced Skin Care spa, which was amazing as always.

If you live near Reading, Pennsylvania and are interested in spa treatments ranging from manicures to Botox treatment, check out their office in Wyomissing.

If you’re a tech nerd like us, you might want to follow their site too. There are few qualified people blogging about the world of spas and skin care right now. If the group at Advanced Skin Care can continue to put out great content on their blog, I think they’ll have no problem booking appointments in the future. There’s an opportunity for someone in this space to take control of the blogosphere much like EnglishCut and Stormhoek did in their respective fields. I wish them luck.