Our Office View

We just moved recently, and one of the things I really liked about our old place was how our office was setup and the view of “the duck pond” across the street.

So when picking the apartment we wanted at the new complex, the view was very important. It’s amazing to think that this kind of scenery is just 5 miles from the Limerick nuclear power plant. Actually, the radiation is probably what’s causing these trees to grow. Or more likely the trees were planted to hide the power plant behind it.

In any case, I’m glad that they are there. I’ve always dreamed about sitting at a computer, writing the great american novel, and gazing out at the trees in thought. Well, I’m not writing a novel (yet), but at least part of the dream lives on right now.

Here are some photos I just took. It’s raining out there and a little dark. If I was more patient or a better photographer, I could have gotten some better stuff. The photos don’t do it justice. I adjusted the levels a bit to make the green pop, which is why the desk looks kind of brown. Some top secret shots of WineLog work on those screens too.

Office View 1 Office View 3 Office View 2