220 Pounds. Challenge Update.

After one week of this challenge, I am at 10 of a possible 14 points. If I do a perfect job of things from here on out, I could get a maximum of 56 points.

It may be a little pesimistic, but it’s easier for me to think of this in terms of “misses” or “points lost”. So I’ve lost 4 points in one week. Not so good. At that rate, I’m going to end up with just 44 points and “alright” status. Then again that’s not so bad.

I’m finding it’s pretty tough to get to the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY. Last Friday, I cheated a little and counted 5 hours of walking at the gym (suit shopping) and 1 hour of dancing as my workout. I think it works.

I missed on my diet last Thursday and took a big hit Sunday when I ate too much and didn’t get to the gym either for -2 points. I can pretend that Easter is a special exception, but there are always exceptions. For instance tomorrow is Kim and my dating anniversary. I’m planning on eating 2000+ tomorrow. With any luck I can avoid being docked a point for going over 3000.

Macaroni and Cheese, Taco Bell
Hungry yet? Yeah, me too. Today I had 2 bowels of cereal for 700Cal, a chocolate chip cookie for 100Cal, and 4 slices of pizza for 1200Cal. We went grocery shopping at 8:00pm and Kim hinted at making some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese when we got home. I was ready to blow it all. Luckily she got less hungry herself (or maybe just for my benefit), but we passed.

Then I was listening to last week’s Diggnation podcast and they started talking about Taco Bell. Ayyeyyeyeyeee!!! I’m such a fat ass that I went to the Taco Bell website to drool. In high school I was a 4-item Taco Beller. Since then I’ve moved down to a 3-item Taco Beller, and am now just a 2-item Beller… meaning I only order 2 items off the menu when I eat there.

I decided to use their nutritional information calculator to figure out how many calories are in my favorite combinations. For instance a Chicken Ranchero Taco, a Crunchwrap Supreme, and a Spicy Chicken Burrito is just 1260 calories. That’s a lot of food. A more typical meal for me is Chicken Burrito Supreme, Beef Chalupa Supreme, and Soft-shell Beef Taco, which comes in at just 950Cal. I could definitely eat that twice a day.

I think these websites understate things a bit though. I checked out all kinds of fast food nutritional calculators to figure out what my typical meals are. Most are around 1000Cal. I was most amazed that a Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburger is just 370Cal. That could be the most yum for your Cal buck right there.

Maybe I can become famous by losing weight on the Taco Bell diet. That would be awesome. I might call them up.