I’ve been in the 220lbs-224lbs range for the past 3 weeks or so with no improvement. I’m not surprised. While I’ve been going to the gym fairly regularly, I was going well over my 2000Cal goal nearly every day. I don’t think I was hungry once the past couple weeks. And as we recall, you need to be hungry to lose weight.

So what happened? Life got busy. Half of the reason I haven’t blogging here (the other half is guilt). And while I wasn’t too busy to keep me from the gym much, what happened is that after a long stressful day of work I wanted to reward myself. Kim and I ate at Fellini’s (Italian) like twice a week and ate out about half of the other days. That’s what fat guys like me do: reward ourselves with food.

I was also getting content with my body. I’m no stud yet, but I’m building up some muscle and not nearly as disgusted by myself as I was when I was 15 pounds heavier. So I haven’t been as motivated to “stay good”.

Even so, it sure would be nice to be at 210 down in Mexico (on our honeymoon next month). That would take a monumental effort to lose 10 pounds in one month. To weigh in at 215 would be a great feat, as that’s about as light as I’ve been since I hit 6’2″.

In an effort to get back on track, I am starting a challenge for myself. I’ve tried these before with very little success, but I think I know why. Old challenges were of the form “this much weight lost = this reward”. This time around, I’m going to reward myself for smaller goals, which are both more immediate and easier to measure.

This challenge is going to focus the 2 pillars of weight loss: exercise and eating less. Each day that I go to the gym for 1hr or more, I will award myself 1 “point”. For each day that I eat 2000Cal or less, I will award myself 1 “point”. At a potential 2 points per day, I could get as many as 60 points in 30 days. I’ll run the challenge from April 3rd to May 3rd. If you think of a point as 500Cal burned or saved, that’s about 8 pounds in one month. Aggressive, but doable?
So what are “points”, other than pounds lost? I thought I could turn points into a bankroll for a poker run in AC. One point would be like $10 or so. Maybe less, since 30 points (and kind of poor showing) would still give me $300, which I could play with at a $3-$6 hold’em table all day.

But I’m not sure I need some other motivation besides looking good. So I think I’ll just let points be points. And try to get a high score just to fuel my own ego and self esteem.

50-60pts = I’m a stud.
40-50pts = Nice effort.
20-30pts = I suck.
00-20pts = I suck real bad.

I got 2 points yesterday and weighed in at 220 pounds this morning. Am I back on track?

I’m right there with you on the rewarding yourself with food, man. I have to stop it as well.

I’ve begun walking every night. I think I’ll try to mirror your challenge for myself and add in some weights in the morning.

Keep up the good work. If we want it badly enough we’ll do whatever it takes, right?

Thanks for the support, Mike. Good luck with your own goals.

For me, the big thing about this challenge is focusing on the little goals that will lead to weight loss rather than the weight loss itself.

Hi, I just ran into your site and wanted to encourage you in your efforts. I know how hard it is to lose weight, but you can be successful with the proper knowledge and effort. I have lost 106 pounds in the last 10 months (I am 5’8, and went from 281 lbs. to 176 lbs)! The only exercise regimet that I have been doing is walking. In addition, of course, I have had to completely overhaul my diet. The key to success has been the basics: Lean protein (chicken, fish, vegitable protein), fruit, and vegitables. Carbs are ok, so long as they come from fruit, vegitables and other high fiber sources. Don’t shy away from all carbs, your body, and more importantly your brain, needs a basic amount of carbs to function. While you’ve no dought heard these suggestions before: Keep in mind that its not just what you eat, its also when you eat. You need to eat something, even 60-200 calories every 3 hours or so (so as to ensure your blood sugar level stays stable). Secondly, whenever you are having fruit (or sugar) or carbs that are low in fiber always have protein with it (this also keeps your blood sugar stable). Basically, my understanding is that when your blood sugar levels stay stable your body keeps its metabolism high and continues to burn fat. Also, don’t shy away from all fats, just get your fats from fish and nuts (particularly almonds, as they are extremely healthy). Again, having to low of a fat content is also unhealthy. Anyway, I just wanted to lend my support for your efforts. Stay focused, its a challenge, but you can succeed…and when you do, you will have accomplished something that nobody can take away from you.

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