What I’m Up To

Been very busy lately. Looks like it’s going to be like this until after the wedding.

When you work for yourself, you can do things like take the whole month of May off. However, you have to work like a dog February through April to make it happen. It’s probably worth it though.

InvestorGeeks, which is now donating all profits to charity, has made it’s first donation to a blogger who will be riding for the Arthritis Foundation this fall. If your feeling generous, take this direct link to donate to Steve’s cause.

In other InvestorGeeks news, I was interviewed by Kristin Friedersdorf, of WallSt.net (look for the “recent episodes” list in the right sidebar). I talked about my investing philosophies and shared some of my lessons learned trying to start a blog network with InvestorGeeks.com.

On the WineLog front, our potential features list is growing faster than we can knock stuff out. There is a lot of work to be done there. Still, there is time to drink a bit of box wine. I had some Hardy’s 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon, and it wasn’t bad.

One exciting bit is that we’re nearly finished helping Ryan Opaz become the most prolific Wine Logger ever. We are importing his 600 or so wines and tasting notes from out of CellarTracker. We’re about halfway through his wines. It’s a crazy process that we’re trying to streamline and automate as much as possible. In the future, it should be fairly easy for anyone to leave their current wine tracking software and join the dark side over at WineLog.net.

I’ll throw this out there right now. If any competitors are working on similar importing schemes and trying to get data out of WineLog, just let me know. I’ll seriously help you as much as possible. If people want to take their data to another service, I want to help them. Perhaps more, I don’t want any developers wasting their time doing stuff that would be much easier for us to do. I know our system probably looks as confusing to others as you-all’s stuff looks to me.

I didn’t weight myself today. I’d guess somewhere between 220 and 222. Kim and I took our car for inspection and ended spending the whole day over at the car dealer waiting for new tires to get shipped in. We took a nice 1.5 mile stroll to a nearby Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then a nice 1.5 mile stroll back later for lunch at Pizzeria Uno.

So a decent workout there with all the walking, but I doubt it made up for the extra calories I had today. (ham and cheese omelet, hashbrown casserole, sourdough toast – “ranch chicken” salad, two sausages on rolls for dinner with chips = about 3500Calories at least.) I’m getting a bit too content, and even fat blogging isn’t motivating me. I’m going to have a day of reckoning at the gym tomorrow… really going to beat myself up. ‘should be fun.