Thank You, Pete Stark

Representative Pete Stark, from California, has publicly acknowledged his atheism. Go, Pete!

A lot of people in this country (this world?) fear the backlash that is common when you tell someone you don’t believe in a God. You probably get a more confused expression than if you told them you believe in aliens.

Contrary to popular opinion, atheists are actually the coolest, kindest, most thoughtful people you’ll ever meet. And just because they don’t believe in God doesn’t mean that they don’t have some interesting thoughts on spiritual subjects. In fact, I’d say they have MORE INTERESTING thoughts BECAUSE they are atheists.

Penn Jillette is another “out of the closet” atheist. I heard his “I believe” recording on NPR once, and it really hit home with me. Give it a listen.

I’ve gone through my own issues with, for instance, trying to explain to my parents why I don’t want to be married in a church. Atheists are low low on the totem pole (hehe) of spiritual beliefs. Right under the satanists. At least they recognize something from the bible. Or do they?

For some more interesting religio-spiritual reading, check out the Wikipedia page on Quakers. Modern day quakers have a wide range of religious beliefs. Some are still Christian. Others are atheists. All Quakers though conform to the 4 testimonies of peace, equality, integrity, and simplicity. You can’t really argue with that. Quakers are also some of the coolest people you’ll meet.