‘tipped the scale at 223 pounds this morning. Was at the gym from about noon to 1:30. The walk over and back takes about 15 minutes. I shot some hoops for about 45 minutes and lifted weight for 15 minutes. Nice.

And it’s been down hill from there. Kim and I had our first dance lesson today, which was awesome (and probably burned a few calories too). But I had the bright idea to go to Olive Garden after the lesson. My motivation was to try a wine they got there called Principato Rosato. The Olive Garden exclusive wine is one of the hottest pages on the WineLog site. We get a ton of traffic from folks Googling that wine.

The plan was to have just the wine, salad, and breadsticks. But neither Kim and I were both pretty hungry, so we decided to have dinner. I ate 3/4 of a Chicken Alfredo pizza. It was good. Now I’m going to find out what kind of damage it did to my diet.

Here’s what I ate today. Olive Garden items are bolded. I used Calorie numbers from this website for the bread sticks and salad and took a guess for the pizza.

  • 1 cup of milk = 100Cal.
  • 2 eggs = 200Cal.
  • A bit of shredded cheese = 50Cal.
  • 2 slices of toast, butter = 300Cal.
  • 2 bread sticks = 280Cal.
  • 2 bowls of salad = 250Cal.
  • 3/4 of a Chicken Alfredo pizza = 1500Cal??
  • UPDATE: ~2 glasses of wine = 300Cal.

Today’s total Calories: 2680. (forgot my wine which puts me at almost 3000 Calories… sigh) Not too bad considering. My extra long day at the gym will help keep this from becoming a total disaster. Although I’m a little upset that I had a break in discipline just one day after starting to blog about this.
Anyway, let me leave you with this picture. I don’t have all of my pictures on my new desktop, but here is the most unattractive one I could find. Jason Calacanis keeps posting pictures of him from when he was more in shape. I’m much more motivated by pictures of me looking like a slob. Enjoy.

Fat Me

Dude… you have to give up pizza. Bread is the worst!!! No bread, no pasta, no flour… that’s whats really working for me. I dropped the first 15 when I stopped those items.

I know it’s hard. Trust me, I’m from Brooklyn where pizza and pasta are two of the four food groups.

You have to stop with the bread… it’s that simple. Bread and pasta are the worst… they have no fiber and turn to sugar in your system quickly.

EAT SOME PROTEIN FIRST… it’s slow to break down.

Here is what you do…

1. steak and steamed veggies
2. fish and steamed veggies
3. chicken and steamed veggies

1. eggwhites with any of the following: veggies, some cheese, chicken, steak, shrimp.
2. yogurt with fruit and/or flaxseed

1. Chinese food: steamed veggies and steamed chicken
2. salad with chicken/salmon/steak/etc.
3. a balance bar, fruit, and nuts

you can do it!



another fatblogger (TM)

keep it up man – us fat-bloggers can get there together 🙂 Lets keep encouraging each other. My vice is business travel mixed with too much video gaming. 216lbs (thats +1 from yesterday) is depressing me …..

Hi Jason,

We are in the same situation…(6 kilos more and i achieve 100 kilos..my godness!)
keep the faith..some lettuces and a good friend for long walks help a lot.

Hope the best Jason..

In the past year I have lost 100 lbs, going from a wopping 240 lbs at 5’6″ to 140 lbs. All I really did was limit my portions, cut out soda, and cut a few carbs but not all carbs. I also worked out a little at first. Just went walking and lifted some weights. Good luck man you will feel better in the end.

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[…] After dancing, we’re going to try dinner at a restaurant near the dance studio. It’s a BYOB, so I’ll see what we can bring. My goal is to not overeat, which I often do at restaurants. (evidenced by the Olive Garden incident) I have about 900Cal left for today, which should get me a decent meal or appetizer, but not both. So far today I’ve had a big bowl of chilli (550Cal) with some cheese(50Cal), sliced avocado(200Cal), and some bread and butter(300Cal). […]