I wonder if I’ll ever get around to finishing the Making the Blog(MtB) feature. It would be a useful piece of literature, but I’ve been struggling to find the time to work on it. I don’t have any illusions that people are excitedly awaiting the next installment. Once it’s finished though, I assume I may grab some hits off of Google from people running into the same problems that I did. It’s all about helping people, man.

Lately, I’ve been spending my time on some freelance web development work, “real job” work, commuting to my real job (1-1.5 hours both ways, yuck), looking for a dark blue or yellow Mazda Protege5 with a moonroof selling for under $13k, and celebrating my girlfriend’s and my 6th anniversary.

Sometimes I ask myself what more I’d like to be doing with my life. Well, besides finishing up MtB, I’d like to start playing poker again, setup a poker affiliate site, finish decorating the apartment, write some more fiction, and buy myself a widescreen TV. Those last two at least seem mutually exclusive.

Wish me luck. Though I’m glad the biggest problem in my life is finding time to do all this stuff. Maybe I’m not paranoid enough.