I am a Money Grubbing Fool

I’ve just started an affiliate program with Amazon. To celebrate, let me post a link to Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever. This is the book I’m going to read next. I will probably sit in at Borders or Barnes&Noble and read it. If you’re not as cheap as me, you can click on the link above to buy it from Amazon and in the process earn me a buck or so.

Fantastic Voyage, by Ray Kurzweil and some other dude is a serious take on the future of human health and mortality. I’ve been reading some of the articles over at Kurzweil’s site, and this stuff is exciting to think about. Super-human AI, nanomachinery. GREAT toilet reading material if I do say so myself. Checkout the “living forever” section to find articles pertaining to the book in question. And checkout the Kurzweil Catalogue to find other great books by this futurist author. I recommend Age of Spiritual Machines.

There is nothing like Kurzweil’s writing to get you excited about life. He makes anything seem possible, reasonable, and down right inevitable. I’ve been compiling some of my own thoughts a nanotech future which should find there way onto this site soon.